Grade 5



Home is a place that most of us have. Most of us have parents with good Jobs. We have a good life. Even if you think life could be better you need to to be thankful for the life you have. Because some people have a bad house with crooked walls, leaky roofs and missing tiles. This is only one ⅓ of the of the people that live like this. Others live in there car. They live on the seats very uncomfortable. These people do not get good sleep if any. This is only the ⅔ of. people who live like this. The last people who live in bad condition, these people live in apartment for a month then move the next to another so it is free. These people do not have enough money for living in the apartment. So they move out every month. The habitat for humanity saves money to build homes for others. Some examples are people who live in cars, poor houses, apartments for one month and people who cannot afford houses. These workers work, and work, and work to build a house for these people. Donate anything to habitat for humanity and you will have just made at least one persons life better than it ever was.