Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia


Home is a very warm place. It’s also where I can share my feelings with people. I like that if I’m upset with anything my family likes to comfort me and be nice. Also I have two dogs that I love with all my heart. One of them is a girl named Moxie and the other one is a boy named Turner. And I also have two hamsters one is a girl named Marly and the other one is a boy named Ginger. My family is an animal lover.
I love everybody in my family and I don’t know what I would do without them. My sister Lyla is so nice but we get in fights sometimes not as much as you probably think. Lyla is a really nice and supportive sister. I love my sister so much you don’t even know how much.
I love my mom and dad very much too. My mom is named Lisa and she is 45. And my dad’s name is David but people call him Dave and he is 50.
Home is also a place to sleep and I’m thankfull that I have a roof over my head and that I have a meal on my plate every night. And that is what home means to me.