Grade 5



The meaning of home is … love🖤 because love is important , love helps you be more confident and do work better . The meaning of home is … peace because you need love to have peace .The meaning of home is … shelter because without a good shelter you can have joy, joy is also my meaning of home . The meaning of home is… a family🏡 who loves you , who cares about you and who needs you in life .The meaning of home is … safety✋ , safety is important because without safeness you can’t feel loved and love is important .The meaning of home is … a good education📈 because without learning skills you can’t read , write ,type and be happy . The meaning of home is … good food and clean water because you need clean water and good food to survive in this world .The meaning of home is …hope because you need hope to get through the rude, mean world . The meaning of home is…faith because you need faith to do all these things . faith is important because you need faith it is one of the many things you need in a good life . The meaning of home is …a great army because my dad is in the army I know that we have a good army and that they protect us . The meaning of home is…health because health is IMPORTANT and as you know you need good health to survive 💊and one last thing home is …you!