Grade 5



A home is where there is love,hope,good food,clean water,clothes,shoes,a family you love,joy,faith,cheer,kindness,help,happiness, and a comfy bed.First, a home is where it brings your family closer and closer together.👪Another thing about a home is where you store beautiful family memories and where you go on a vacation. Also where it reminds you when you were little, from happy moments😃to sad moments.😟Third,a home can be somewhere you can have comfort and where you feel people guarding you to be safe.A home is for everyone!The fourth thing is that a home can bring you peace on earth! Fifth,a home can be used for shelter if it is raining,lightning,thunder or snowing.Sixth,maybe in your home,your grandparents or aunts and uncles might be living with you.Seventh, A home can be filled with electronics,📞 and if you have a question your parents don’t know,you can ask the internet.Eighth, a home is also known with lots of emotions.😍Ninth,a home can be a habitat for you and your PET.🐶 (if you have one). Tenth, a home is a place we call HOME!🏡