Grade 4



What my house is to me what my house is to me place to play a place to have fun and especially SLEEP. My favorite thing to do is to read, play games and to have fun with my brother’s and sister’s. I’m also a big fan of doing is to practice hockey and baseball to feel comfort.

My room is the smallest room in the house and well i’m the youngest to so I guess that makes sense.The first place I would go to feel safe would be my home like a time i felt safe was there was an ice storm I feel comfortable and safe because I was home, in my house with my sister, dad, and mom.
I do not feel safe without my.My home is like a book
there’s pages to make up a book and in my home these pages are my life!

The difference between a home and a house is a home is a place to stay for a couple years and a house is just a place to rest or catch up on sleep or do some work so if you want to live somewhere for a while get a home and if you want to just get some rest or catch up on work then get a house.

How home is apart of me is that my comfort comes from my home my love,care and feelings come from my home when times are hard my home is there to comfort me when my parents fight my home helps me and when storms,lighting,hail,freezing rain and snow my home is there