Grade 5



A home to me is love💖.Love is one of the things that can and will bring your family together.Another thing home is to me is Ancestors.I love learning stories about my ancestors it’s what makes me feel like home! The memories in the house is important to me to.Family is another big one to.I love being around my family, it is one of the most important things to me.When i am home I feel safe and protected,I feel secured .Home is a place I know I can call home.Secrets are what home means to me to.I know I can come home and share my secrets with my family.Because what is said in the house stays in the house a rule my family has.I also feel comfort in my home.I know I can come home to a nice comfortable bed and couch etc . I also know I can come home to a warm house with the furnace on and the fire place with blankets.Also FUN is home to me to.When i am at home i have so much fun with my family and siblings.Something that is fun to me is learning stories Especially stories from my ancestors.Another thing i like to learn is traditi
ons there are lots of traditions that come from my family and sometimes in my house. And that is what home means to me!🏡🏡