Grade 4

British Columbia


Home means lots to me. It is filled with family. You should enjoy your home. Some people don’t have homes, only the smallest bit of shelter. You should be grateful for your food and shelter. I love my home, it has love, food and care. Home is important in my life. Shelter and food are important. Keep your home safe, it is one of the most important things. Family is even more important. When you think of home you should think of family. The meaning of home is, being safe, being healthy, being warm and cozy. At my home it makes me feel loved by all my family. At my house a very important thing that I am grateful for, is a nice sleep. What you should see inside your home is love, warmth, care and safety. Home is a wonderful place, with a lot of great things there. You should care for your home. Home doesn’t only mean safety, it also means care, love and thoughtfulness. My home means everything to me. Home is like your own diary; it has a lot of secrets that really no one else knows about. Our homes should be special, loved, cared about.
You probably think that you’re taking care of your home. If you have holes in your wall, that is not taking care of your home. If you keep it messy, that is not taking care of your home.

Keep your home safe. Dream with your home. Live, laugh, love.