Grade 6

British Columbia


The meaning of home is to keep you safe, It’s a place for most people where you’re loved, but it’s not like that for some. Lots of people don’t have homes because they can’t afford them, or they got kicked out of their old home and have to live on the streets. These people have to beg for food and money, and all we do is just walk by them and ignore them. Homeless people are dying every day, and it’s like we don’t even care. But guess what? It’s almost all our fault for ignoring them! Just imagine what that feels like, not to have a warm, safe home. It must feel awful, freezing all day and night, starving, getting ignored. We need to help! That could be you someday, we need to help them get homes, food, money and lots more. We need to stop ignoring them, next time you see a homeless person just give them ten dollars to get food and clothes and if you don’t need something give it to them, they need it more than you do. We have to help these people get homes, that could be you one day. Everybody needs a warm, safe home.