Grade 6


Heart Of Home

Heart of Home

Is where your Happiest place is
Where memories are cherished
Where you grow up
Where your life began
And where it’s still proceeding
Where love has traveled to you and your family and its where love stays
A welcoming place to new people and those who will return for many more days
Dreams come true here

In your home
A place in your heart
A place to live
A place to be
A place to be loved
A place to be cared for
A place to love
A place to sleep

No matter where you are in your home someone will be there with open arms and someone will always be there to love you whether it’s your family or your friends
On those holidays you sit around the table eating a meal that has been recognized in your family for a long time, secret recipes, laughing, catching up and those are those memorable times that will stick for a long time
And that’s the memorable things to love, to care about
And most importantly…
Your home is always there for you!
And you are always there for your home!