Grade 5

Thunder Bay

Heart Is On The Inside Not Outside

“It’s not how big the home is, it’s how happy the home is from the inside.” I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario the city with The Sleeping Giant. At my house, I have my own upstairs, room inspired by my own personality. It’s where my things are and what goes on in my room is about me. My house has 3 bedrooms, one for my brother, one for my parents and one for me. I have two of the most cuddly pets that make our house their home too. They are part of our family. I have a HUGE backyard that sees rain, snow and sunshine. My house has two stories. My mom and dad’s room has a little deck off their room and it’s amazing because when you go out there at night time you can see all the sparkly stars and the beautiful moon. My home is the place where my family can be their best. We laugh together and we all care about each other. I think that my home is perfect and everything is the way my family and I want it. Everyone should be able to have a place to call home. Everyone should have a home to live in, to keep their own things and for them to be able to be themselves. Everyone deserves to have this not just people with homes already. Even though you might have four walls and one roof and technically have shelter, a home is more about who is there and what happens on the inside. My house has my things and all the things my family owns and all the things my family loves. Good things happen and bad things can happen like when I had to put down my cat and went from having two cats to having one. Home is a place to share feelings. You can be sad, happy, excited, scared or angry. My house is in Thunder Bay in the city of Thunder Bay in a community of clever people. It is filled with people I love and things of my own and me being me. That’s what my home means to me.