Grade 6

St. Albert

Health and Humanity

Health and Humanity

A home should be somewhere safe and welcoming. Many homes do not have the money and support that people need to accomplish that. All the things a home should have isn’t just about the things around you. It is about the people around you and the energy they give to generations to come. A home should be welcoming, safe, reliable, and somewhere you can relax. This is important so that future generations, and parents from around the world can become aware of how a home should be. A home is about the family and the love they give off. It is really important to have a safe home. If you don’t have a safe home to go to this can create leadership that isn’t always right for your family lifestyle. Having a reliable home to go to after a long day is reassuring and important to society. Having a good home can then encourage you to give back to others also.

Many people cannot afford or provide for their family, and pets. When people give back to their community they can revive and lift other people’s spirits. A home is a warm, safe environment with many helping hands going around. When you give back to your community you can help save young children’s childhoods. By doing this you can help save families that are in crisis. Especially during Covid – 19 many families are struggling to keep their family safe and healthy. By taking part in the community, you can help families thrive under these restrictions. With nowhere to go some families have no choice but to live in relative’s homes. This is hard for many families because providing these options can be expensive and hard to afford. By giving back to your community you can help a family in need.

Covid – 19 is a serious illness, many people cannot provide hygiene essentials like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Even if you donate to a local family or put in some money towards them, you can make a difference. By donating and doing your part, you can help families thrive and regain health and wellness in their home and environment. Slowly over time families and homeowners will band together to make a safe environment for their home and their wellness. Thinking about it really makes you grateful. When I think about it I am instantly drawn to the situation. Arent you? Think about it if you were in these situations. You have no reliable home. So you need help, then you go to neighbours and relatives for advice. They help talk you through it and get you to talk to health and humane society. They put you and your family in a reliable family home with a descriptive explanation telling you what you have to do to get into the program. Together we can make change, that is why a helping hand can band families closer to a reliable home.