Grade 6


Having a House is Not the Same as Having a Home.

A Home makes me feel comfortable when I come back from school feeling exhausted. A home is a place of love and family. A home is a place of memories, some good some bad. A home is where I can play video games and feel relaxed. A home is where there is joy. A home makes me feel welcomed and where I belong. A home has positivity even when it is the darkest times, a home is where I stay for years. A home is where I can come home from sweaty soccer practice or basketball to relax. A home is where I can mess around with my brother. A home is where I can mediate in the morning, so I have the rest of the day, a good one. A home is where I can go to sleep and not worry about rain pouring on me. A home is a place I do not have to worry about having no light so I can see in the night. A home is where there is fresh filtered water, so I don’t have to worry about drinking unsafe water.
A home is different than a house because a house is all lonely and sad. A house is where you only stay for a short bit. A house only has regular people, a house is empty, and you are all alone.
What my home has is a bunch of things, like an Xbox where I play video games with my brother. A fridge with bunch of food and drinks. There is an air fryer which is the best, and makes the best steak, fries, crispy chicken than any other oven or chef.