Grade 5

West Kelowna
British Columbia

Having a home means the world to me.

Haveing a home means the world to me. it’s a comforatable and safe place for you to live. insted of saving up money for the new car you wanted, a new hous. aahh! the smell of a new, fresh and clean house what could possible be better. oh I know what could be even better, your awsome neighurs, the warmth and cozyness, all of the love. what love comes into the house never comes out you know insted of inviting your friend to play in a cardboard box why not invit them to play in your own room! how exiting is that and if you friend or family member wants to stay over night alot of houses come with guest bedrooms, cool right? What does it mean to have a home for you? becuase i will tell you a little more about what it means for me to have a home. Well think of all of the great memories you have had growing up in your houseand even hiding time capsils. you can even host awsome party’s and you decorate on the holiday’s, some houses are really big so it’s easyer to play games like hide and seek or building fort’s. those were some rerasons about what it means to have home for me.