Grade 4


Having a Home

Have you ever wondered about how life is for people who don’t have a home? You see, all around the world people have to live on streets. In Canada, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the weather is getting really harsh so we have to help them stay warm. We have a great advantage. An advantage of having enough food. In Manitoba, especially now in this cold weather, people on the streets might have food but it is cold food which is bad for them in case of bacteria. We can help by donating food. Most people without homes do not have anyone to be with. We are lucky to have families with us in our homes. Where do you get your water? From a tap? A bottle or maybe a dispenser? What about others? Some people have to get their water from puddles or half-drunk bottles. This is not clean or healthy for them. In a home, people have access to clean water for drinking and cleaning. We all think of shelter as a house. But a lot of people don’t have homes. They have to find a way to keep themselves safe from our weather. We can give money to the people at Habitat for Humanity so they can build homes for the needy. Remember, small good deeds make big differences.