Grade 5

British Columbia

Happy to be Home

Henry was in his nice and small house with his dog Peanut, and cat Beanee. Henry was cooking up meatloaf for his cat and dog. They were happy but something was missing.

He went to the vet to get his dog a checkup and the cat came along because he liked to see the dog suffer, but the dog got a treat for being good.

Without realising, he put the food on the stove for two hours instead of in the slow cooker for two hours. While he was gone, his house burned down. The only things left were bricks and metal melting from the stove .

When they got home, everybody was upset. Henry was upset because he had lost a whole bunch of really rare music CDs. The cat and dog were really upset because they were planning to race and who ever got to the door first slept with Henry. They were also looking forward to the meatloaf.

Henry’s neighbours called his Mom and Dad so they invited him to stay with them until he got a new house. Henry was happy to be where he felt safe and comfortable with his Mom, Dad Peanut and Beanee. Peanut was happy to be there because Henry’s Mom always gave him a bubble bath. Beanee was happy because Henry’s Dad made the best meatloaf.