Grade 4


Happy Place

Happy Place

Homes are nice. Because we can live in them they are cozy and nice. Homes protect us from wind, rain and lightning. You can sleep in them. We can cook in them. Some of them have a garage where we can work on things. We can decorate them, we can paint them. They are awesome.

I have a home and I love it. It has a TV, garage, a ping pong table and a kitchen and 2 bathrooms, a backyard and a trampoline. When I get home I make popcorn and sometimes I watch a movie. I love my home. But sometimes I wish it had a slide, swimming pool, game room, a movie theatre, popcorn machine and pizza oven. But no one needs that stuff. Homes are a place of happiness.

Everybody needs a roof over their head, a shelter so they can stay safe. A place where you feel loved. You have a home and you should love it. Dream big about your house. There’s always hope in your home.