Grade 4


Happy Nest

Home is a place where me and my family live and I feel loved and safe. I see a little bit of heaven at home. When I’m hungry there is warm food and clean water served with lots of love. I have clean clothes to wear and a blanket to keep me warm during winter. At home I feel comfortable and peaceful. The house is where I laugh and play with my baby brother. After a tiring day I look to go home and relax. Home is where I begin my day and end it with beautiful memories and thoughts. I feel safe, secure and stable. A house can be big or small but the size doesn’t matter at all. What matters is the willingness to help each other and being happy. I call my home a Happy Nest because my mommy bird cooks for me, my daddy birds protects me and a little baby bird plays with me. One day I will leave my Happy Nest to fly away on my own where I will build a new Happy Nest.