Grade 6



Home is to have comfort and love, a place where you feel safe, where you have family to care for you. Home is the place where you have people to support you, a place to feel good about yourself. somewhere to be unique, to have your own peace. A place where you don’t hold back, home is the place where you are able to do whatever you want to do. It’s a place to have food and water. It’s a place to work and have fun with family. A place where you can have a family game night and hang out with friends and family, watch football games and Jets games. Home means to have happiness with family, to love each other, to be a part of something. It sounds like laughter. Where you can feel like you’re in a different world. Where you can feel cosy and you can have pets to play with, have cool things to do. You don’t have to feel alone. It smells when my mom, aunt and my grandma and I bake Christmas cookies. It’s fun we laugh a lot, sing a lot to Christmas carols because we have the radio on, and it’s fun and I love to decorate Christmas cookie sweaters. I see a bed a place to rest my head on, toys to play with, books to read. My cats playing with their toys, them playing with each other, me playing with their cat laser, them chasing the laser. It looks when my mom and dad are making my favourite food which is nachos with olives. My mom and I making brownies with cherries in them. My family and I watching Nailed It on our television.