Grade 4

Berwick, NS
Nova Scotia

Happiness is Homemade

Home is where I sleep, home is where I eat, but home is not where my house is. Home is where I am with my family and where I am happy and sad, where I feel warm and cozy like a soft blanket. It is where the memories fly high and low. When I see the bright blue color of my home it makes me feel safe inside.

My home is as valuable as a jewel because it makes me feel good, inside and out. Whenever I am at my home I feel safe and loved. No matter what happens, home is where we fight and laugh with each other. We play card games and board games. Home will be always in my heart.

Home is important to me and my family because it shelters us from all sorts of danger. It keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer makes me feel warm and safe. It makes me feel loved inside. I love my home and I always will. Happiness is homemade.