Grade 4


Happiness in My Home

My home is a happy place on Earth and it gives me all my happiness. I love my home and my family, because they give me food and water. I feel safe and cared for in my house because I have a loving family. I care for them and they care for me – that is what I love .

I have lived there for the whole time of my life and it has been the best years and I love them. My family loves my home and so do I because I have a room and food that has came from love and happiness. I care for me and my family to be loved, treated kind by others, care for others, and have warmth by friends and family that are around you.

I am happy that I have a home and a family who lives with me. My home is a very happy place on earth and I love everything. I love that I live in my neighbourhood and that they comfort me and warmth me to live in Airdrie and my home. I Love My Family!

I’m lucky that I have a family and friends in the world because I was adopted by a loving family and I feel like the greatest girl when I am loved. I LOVE MY HOME!!! My home has electronics and a TV but most of all it has love.

My family has lots of good memories and it is great to keep it stored and if I move or leave that house it would be the saddest moment in my life. I have great memories in my life and I would start crying I had great moments. Home is a happy place and I can be myself and have a GREAT LIFE!!!