Grade 6


Habitats for humanity contest writting.

Hello! My name is Aleeah and today I will explain to you why my home is important to me, and why your home should be too. Just Imagine waking up on the ground, coming home from school, and no home to go to but the street or a friend, or family member’s home. Some kids have to go through those times and have to deal with that stuff because times are rough in life at the moment. Now, this is why My home is very important to me. I couldn’t imagine life without the people I love in my home. My siblings are there to entertain me, my mom and dad always there for me to suit all my needs, My nanny, always there to take care of us if my parents are too busy with work, my pets to comfort me, or my dog to help me if I’m in trouble. I am very thankful for everything I have in my home, and you should be too. I hope someone gets a beautiful house and can share the love in their family with their new house! <3