Grade 5

Portugal Cove-St Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

Habitat homes What I think of them

When I get out of bed I look out the window to see some builders building a house while I’m proud of habitat for humanity. They help people have a house, and make it a home. To get a house you got to be ready to pay a lot because well the builders have to get paid, but Habitat for humanity you don’t have to pay extra. They have volunteers that work and don’t get paid, and I would gladly help but I’m too young to know how to build.

When your getting your house built, you have to help! They say you have to work 500 working hours! I would probably only last about 100 hours. If I lived in a habitat house then I would be very grateful of what they have done for me and my family. And I hope that’s what it feels like for everyone who has one. Well of course I don’t have one but I just hope I will volunteer some day when I’m older.

If you ever get picked for a house, you get your family and friends to help! Of course you help but if you have trouble you can ask your friend for help, it’s all about community! If my friend was working on his/hers house I would ask them if I could help but hopefully say yes, because I would love to help! If I got to get a habitat house I would ask all my friends and family to help, you know the saying “The more the merrier!”

I’m glad that habitat for humanity helps everyone and I’m very thankful of that.
Thank you for helping.

Noah Mcdonald
Grade 5