Grade 5


Habitat for Humanity

When I think of home I think of my family. My family is the best they support me when I need support they support me when I make decisions and I’m very glad they do. Since my family supports me I support them when they need it. My family loves me very much and that makes me very happy. All the love that my family gives me I give them back. I trust my family and they trust me I’m glad that my family trusts me because if they didn’t then I wouldn’t have anybody to talk to without them trusting me.

Another thing I think of when I think of home is memories. I have lots of memories but I have some really amazing memories. One of my memories is Christmas in Saskatoon we had lots of fun in Saskatoon with my family. When we were in Saskatoon we went shopping and found some pretty amazing things. My second memory with my family is going to Minnesota we got to go to Mall of America! One of my favorite memories is going to a Blue Jays game in Minnesota it was amazing!

The last thing I think of when I think of when I think of home is being thankful. I am thankful for lots of things. I am thankful for a roof over my head because not everybody has a home. I’m also thankful for love from my family because then I am happy and I like to be happy. The last thing I’m thankful for is a bed to sleep in because even if you have a home you might not have a bed.