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habitat for humanity

My House is wonderful, great, exiting, fun, loving, pretty and pretty cool. I feel safe in it and comfy in it as well.

my best friend IS Andrei because we always play we never fight and always have fun like perfect brothers. And Carson D because he does tae kwon do like me he is athletic and a good drawer like Andrei. And last but not least Graiden he is sweet and kind and really cool like Carson and Andrei that’s why there my best friends.

3 my family is kind mom and aunt Nikey have the same phone voice. My nana is caring and will do every thing to help my mom get better. My papa is awesome with tech and will let me play his games too! my uncle is a hunter and i look up to him my cozen Noulen plays hokey his team mates suck. louren is super nice. this is my homes for humanity bye.