Grade 4

British Columbia

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity By Icy Isaak

Paragraph 1
As Legend closed her umbrella and lead Cupcake into the horse’s pen, she felt the fireplace’s warm air surround her, drying the water off her weakened wings. She felt… home. She sat down on the sofa and turned on her tablet. “I still haven’t fixed Muffin yet BUT I found out what happened to her” was the first thing she read on Teams. Linda had offered to cure the glowing cat, who had unusually stoped glowing. Ten minutes later, there was a sudden knock on the door. It was Linda. Legend wondered how she healed Muffin so fast. The cat was glowing perfectly normal again. “She just got undercared.” said Linda.

My home is my favourite place to be. I wrote this paragraph because I love writing about that story. Another reason I wrote the paragraph is to remind people that if you leave your pet without anyone that they trust, they will grow udercared and unhappy.

Paragraph 2
Homes aren’t always houses. They can be towns, villages, forests and way more. It doesn’t matter where or what your home is. The following is a list of things my Minecraft PC Mac edition home has:
>a farm
>a watch tower*
>a whole bunch of villagers that I can’t afford to trade with YET
>Lassa cacti and dead bushes and accia trees
>very poor villagers
*okay, I haven’t built that yet

Paragraph 3
When I’ve finished building my house in Minecraft, I will build a pond, a temple, and a fire hall. I will also improve the villager houses. It doesn’t matter what your home looks like or where it is; it’s only important that it provides safety, comfort, and warmth.

Paragraph 4
When I grow up, I’m going to live in Alaska and open up a restaurant called Freezy Bar. And since Alaska is so cold, I’m going to sell warm drinks and dessert, such as Chocolate Berry Magic Pie and Hot Cherry Caff. Hot Cherry Caff is kind of like hot chocolate, but it’s cherry flavoured. One of my favourite birthday desserts is Warm Pole Cake. All of my recipes are nut-free.