Grade 5


Habitat For Humanity

What I am thankful for many things. I am thankful for all my family and friends. Also for all my pets. I am thankful for a shelter over my head and a place to sleep. I am thankful for I have someone who loves me. Also for a warm place to come home to. Where there is plenty of love.

I love that I have a sister and brother to play with and parents to help me. People that encourage me. There is someone to always help when needed. Someone to hug when things are hard. Someone that will help no matter how hard.

Home will always have memories. Something that will be nice to come home to. Home is where our heart is and a place you’re always welcome. Some place to go when there’s nowhere else to go. A place that you’re welcome.

Memories. Where you remember special things. Place where things happen. You can remember special things. Things to treasure.

What is home? Home is where the heart is. Home is a place to always come home where the door will never get shut on you. Home is where family is. Home is where you are always welcome. Where you have a place to sleep and stay.