Grade 6


Habitat for Humanity

Home is much more than four walls and a roof. Home is more than a place where you sleep and wake up in the morning. There isn’t a single word in the english dictionary that could describe the bigger picture of what home means to everyone. Maybe it’s an assortment of words or a picture that can show how home makes you feel. But that isn’t the case for everyone. This is what home means to me.
Listening to my brother giggle at a show he’s watching in another room reminds me of home. Listening to my cats chase each other during the night means home. Hearing my mom or my dad talk on the phone reminds me of home.
Home means the smell of my mom making chicken wings on the barbeque in the summer.Home is the smell of the take-out that we order every once in a while. The smell of turkey on holidays is the scent of home.
When I walk in my home, I see my cats running to the front door to greet me. I see the show that my mom and I binge watch on weekends. I see the characters from Marvel and Star Wars movies wandering around on the TV that I’m watching with my dad.
Home makes me think of the feeling of comfort and safety. Whenever I’m home, I feel loved by the people around me. I feel happy at home, sometimes I’m sad, and that’s ok.
I could have ranted endlessly about what home is to me, but that’s not what this writing is about. In conclusion, home is way more than four walls and a roof, it’s the people that live inside the walls, and the bond between those people is what makes my home.