Grade 5


Habitat for humanity

I am thankful for living in a nice, warm, and cozy home. I am also thankful for having a family that loves me. I’m thankful that every year my mom and dad let buy a new hockey stick. I am thankful that my mom and dad let me play with friends whenever I want. I am thankful for my whole entire family because every holiday we have it at our house and our whole entire family comes over.

I love my family because on Christmas Eve Rylan, Greyson, and I get to open seven presents each. I also love my family because they spend a lot of money on hockey for me so I can get good skates and good sticks. My grandma and grandpa always come to my hockey practices and hockey games. I love that I can go home for lunch. I love that my mom and dad let me play my iPads on the weekend because I’m not allowed to play during the week.

Five of my favorite memories are my elves on the shelf. The best act was when they were pretending to sky dive. My second memory is when I bought a new Ccm hockey stick McDavid curve. My third memory is when I got wheelies there shoes with wheels on the bottom and there like roller blading. My fourth memory is when my five year old cousin was born. My very last memory is when I was drawing pictures for Christmas to give to my family.