Grade 5


Habitat for Humanity

I’m thankful for my home because it’s something I live in and love. My home is cozy because there’s lots of blankets, couches, furniture, food it just makes it seem so cozy and something I would want to live in. It’s safe because there’s no holes in the walls, the house has good construction and won’t break and fall over. The house is fun because it has lots of supplies to make a fort and my family can have lots of fun with each other. There’s lots of space because there’s not too much furniture everywhere I go. My house is peaceful because there’s nothing to noisy around.

My family is a big part of my home because my family plays lots of games and that’s a big part of my family. Running around is a huge part of my family because we have lots of space and it is entertaining. My family has a lot of movie nights and we get to hang out and have a lot of fun. My family is caring because they help me make things and crafts and it’s a lot of fun. The people that live in my house are very lovable because they help me when I get hurt, sometimes before bed I get a hug.

My home gives joy because I can set up things for a play, puppet show, and it just has so much space. My home gives me happiness when I walk to the front step and walk into the house. The home gives me thankfulness because I’m thankful that I actually get a home and I don’t have to live on a street. Laughter because when I leave and come back I get laughter from travelling and that is laughter. That is home.