Grade 5


Habitat For Humanity

I think you should be thankful for your house because it gives you the safety that you need so you don’t have to move to a different house every day. If you have a bunch of blankets and pillows you will feel really cozy and warm. My house is very fun because in my backyard I have a trampoline and I like to bounce on it and do gymnastics tricks. My house is fun to play in because I have gymnastics stuff down stairs I have a bar set, a beam, a mat two of them, and a cheese mat. I love food and my kitchen has so much food I have a huge pantry with lots of food and snacks and I have a huge fridge with lots of healthy snacks.
I think my house has lots of love because I have a family of six my Mom, Dad, Brooklyn, Taylor, Jesse, and me. My family has lots of care because we help each other every day. My family is so much fun because we go to like all of these events. I think my family is so kind because we give each other gifts and lots more. My family is responsible because we clean are house and my fish tanks one of my fishes name is Luna and my other fishes name is Garry.
My family loves to take pictures because then you will remember that time when you did that. My family laughs a whole bunch and I like my family laughing because then they make me laugh. My family has lots of videos to remember times. My family has fun at our house because we play lots of games. We play lots of fun things at our house.