Grade 5


Habitat for Humanity

I think a home is one main word safe. Your parents keep you safe and make you feel special when you’re at home. That’s why I think home is safe. There’s lots of other words that explain the word safe but in my opinion I think it is safe because some adults and even some kids don’t have a home. That’s why it’s so sad that some people don’t always feel that safe all the time. That’s why it’s so important to donate to Charities so more and more money can be donated to people who don’t have a home.
I also think another really important word is family. Because family is what makes a home. Family is what ties the word home together. Including pets, siblings, grandma, and grandpa, cousins, and most importantly your parents. In my family a fun way me and my family have fun together is we watch movies, play board games we go on trips have campfires and we have fun together.
And last but not least home, is everything. Home is where memories take place and begin. Home is where you can feel free and go on adventures. Home is where dreams take place and where you achieve goals. But most importantly home is where the heart is.