Grade 4

New Brunswick

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for humanity build house for the people who need a house. I wanted to do this writhing for the people who live on the streets, need a home. That is a couple of them. But I wanted to do this for the homeless people who need a Home or a House. It’s important to have a house that feels like home.

Home is important because of friends and family. They help take care of you. That’s why friends and family are important. Lets say you moved away from your friends and family you would be sad. So that’s way home can be important. Who doesn’t want friends and family?

Home can be important because love no one would love you without love. Love makes people care, share; you wouldn’t be alive right now. Love is the important because everyone needs love. Who doesn’t like love? Love can be important because your encouraged, happy, getting stronger and more hard working. Love is important because you keep going.

You also need to have a home for your heath. You feel better there are many other reasons. The one I’m mostly going to talk about is health. If your not healthy you will not have a good time. If you are allergic to sheet rock you can’t have house with sheet rock. You need a house with the stuff you need for your condition. You need the right stuff so you can live. You need to have the right habitat.