Grade 6


Habitat for Humanity

It may not seem like reality that people live without homes when you look at yourself, in a big warm house that you call home. But too many people don’t know what it’s like to feel like they are home sleeping in a bed at night, the benefits and comfort of home and family, and a place to live where you feel at peace.That sense of peace means that we don’t have to worry about anything going on anywhere else in the world. We have everything and everyone we need, which makes it very hard to believe that not everyone does.

Home is the most important place in our lives, as it has been there for us and supported us for the years we have called it home. It has made us who we are as well, which makes it even more special. It feels like it is a part of us everywhere we go. It can’t always be there for us though, which is why we all savor the feeling of it (or hopefully.) We can’t imagine life without it, or without one shall I say. It is the one place we will always feel safe, and secure, the one place we will always be able to rest and relax, where we let go of our worries, where tension is far, far away.

We enjoy the comforts that make up home as well, like being with our family, sleeping in a bed, not needing to stress over anything happening outside. Those are all parts of it, not just objects living inside home like me. They count, and make up the biggest part of home, as it’s not always the structure, or even the general area. Home is everything you are as well.