Grade 5


Habitat for Humanity

Family. Your family lives in your house and looks after you. Takes care of you. Cooks for you if you’re hungry. Buys stuff for you like food, clothes, and other things. Cleans your clothes if there dirty.
Shelter. There’s food if there is a bad storm or a tornado. There’s a bathroom to shower and bath in. There’s a bed to sleep in. There’s a sink to wash your hands. A TV for entertainment if you’re bored.
Warm. Your bed can keep really warm if you’re super cold. A bath or shower can keep you warm if you were playing outside. Making a blanket fort can keep you warm and it would be very cool to be in. Wearing warm clothes in the winter when it is snowing or when there is a blizzard. Hugging yourself can keep you warm if you’re cold outside or inside.