Grade 5


Habitat for Humanaty

Home is ….. A place you can have to after a long hard working day or an area.
To be yourself without being judged by others. A place to help you realize that you have a place of your own to love you and your family be safe and you be safe to.
When you think of it some little things that we take for granted are really big for others like having a bed to feel safety and no fear when resting. A table to eat good and nutritious meals keeping you and your family healthy with every bite of food. A blanket to keep you warm wherever you go or a heater for winter and A.C for winter.
A home does not mean just stuff within but the memories too. The place scored your first goal on your backyard hockey rink. Or just the place the people under the roof with you that go through times together when they are tough. They are the things that make my home the most important.