Grade 6

New Brunswick


Home stands for Hilaraous memoires, Open to everyone, Magnificent memoires, Excellent place to be with your family!

Home is a place to relax and feel comfortable, but also a place to feel protected and warm. A place to stay during a storm. Home is a place to spend time with your family, and celebrate the holidays. Home is wear you can sleep, eat and have a shower. Home is wear you can be yourself. Home is where everyone is excepted.

A house is just a building a place with a roof and walls , a home is where your family catches you when you fall.home is a place to make golden memoires, and to have pictures of your family, friends and also pets.

Home is CWC (curling winter club) because my family curls a lot. Home is the feeling of when I go to Deer Island because I love the smell of the ocean. Home is me watching the oilers on TV. Home is the taste of my cousins delist poutine. Home is my dad coming home at super time after work.

Home is special to me!