Grade 6



Home is not just some bricks and stones,
Held together with a dome,
It something that only your memories can mold.

Home is where people gather,
Where we all share,
And fill the air,
With our laughter.

Home is your kingdom,
Where you have freedom,
So please, use it with wisdom.

Home is a safe place,
Where we can embrace,
With glory, love and grace.

Your home can be anywhere,
From your class to that comfy chair,
You will always find a home everywhere.

From the big trees,
To the Anishinaabe and the Crees,
This land has always been, a home for everyone…
You and me.

For these reasons,
I am grateful for a home,
That is mine to roam.

And thank you habitat for humanity,
For giving these people another opportunity.