Grade 5



Picture yourself walking down a road, looking around and seeing a bunch of identical houses with identical bright green grass, identical dancing steps, identical blooming sunflowers and even identical people waving in the doorway. Now let’s say you turn the corner and to your amazement, see some kind of colorful bouncy castle with different neon pink grass, screaming decoronated steps, blue dead roses and even fusty odoured animals, dancing in the doorway. In other people’s eyes, this bouncy castle doesn’t really exist. It’s just another identical house, nothing too special. If my house weren’t really that special, then where did the smell of my dad’s shaving cream come from? And the sound of my grandmother screaming in Portuguese while my mom talked french on the phone? Where did that come from? I think it is important to have a home of your home of your own. Nobody deserves to live in the streets, desperate for help. Everybody deserves to have a place they can call ‘home’. As a proud Canadian, I am very fortunate to have a roof over my head. However, sometimes, I forget how lucky I really am. Writing this essay really helped inspire me to be a better person. I hope I can help someone in need of a home, one essay at a time.