Grade 6



H – Happiness
O – Open to all
M – Meant to be
E – Exiting

Home gives me happiness, I know that that is true.
That applies to everyone, even me and you.
Home fills my heart, it gives me such joy.
You can even make one! It could be a little toy.

Home is open, open to all.
If you are outside, or have just taken a fall,
You can come inside, this isn’t a test,
You can have a sleepover, or take a little rest.

Home is meant to be, for all who stand there,
We are all together, from no matter where.
Home makes me free, I know where I’m heading,
“Are you okay? I should adjust the bedding!”

To sum it all up, home is exciting.
We are all friendly, we are inviting!
If you want to share our pride,
Come right on over! Our door is open wide!