Grade 5

British Columbia


Home is the place where I feel safe.
I get this warm feeling when I look up at the ceiling.
I’ve lived here so long, we’ve sang so many songs.
Because home is the place where I feel safe.
Home is the place where I sleep in my bed under my blankets that are red.

I look out my window and see all the trees there’s one or two that are infested with bees.
My backyard is super duper beautiful. I have a dog house that isn’t movable.
My house is white and brown.I also have
an ant mound not too far away.I live next to a park and I’m not allowed to go to it past dark.

I have a pet cat and her name is Plumm. Whenever I call her name she always

I worked very hard on this poem but I found it fun because it’s all about home.