Grade 4


Grateful for my Home

Having a home means having security that produces happiness, warmth, protection from bad weather, and clean water. For some of us, we are lucky that we have a home, while other people are living on the streets, helpless without a bed and no protection from the bad weather. Sometimes we take these important things for granted and we forget how lucky we are to have a roof over our head.
When my family and I drive around Winnipeg, I always see homeless people who are begging for money even on a cold day. Sometimes they can’t even afford food or water, so when they are hungry or thirst, they have to beg for other people’s money so that they can fill their stomachs for a day. Most of them are wearing ripped, dirty, thin jackets which would not protect them from our very cold winters in Winnipeg. According to Google, cold weather can freeze you to death. Even if they are suffering like this, I often see them with a kind sign saying something about peace, love, and forgiveness.
Even if I am not them, I can still feel their pain, sorrow and sadness just by thinking about how hard it is to not have a home. There are a lot of everyday things that we might not think is a big deal for us, but it is for them.