Grade 6

Stony Plain

Going Home

A home is a special place,
A home base to run and jump and play.
Home is where I relax with my brother, my mother, my father and my two kitties, Jay and Jack miower.
When I yell, scream and hop in joy, it’s the most wonderful feeling,
Even better then being employed.

I go to school, I learn and I play.
After school I come home with my mum, wondering if everything is okay.
After dinner I go upstairs, I read, my mind at work.
Then I go to sleep with heavy eyelids.
All that worries me is that that’s not something everyone can say.

Right at the moment that you’re reading this poem,
There are people right there,
sitting in the gutter.
They have no job, no house, no money, not even a dime.
All they have is a hope, a wish and a pray,
Hoping that everything will just be okay.

Every time you submit your work,
You’ll donate ten dollars to these poor broken souls.
You can build these lovely people a beautiful new home,
that they can call their own.

If everyone we know will work hard enough,
we can make everybody feel like they are on top.
Every time we build a house,
we can give their spouse a chance at life.
They can get a job, a car and hopefully, to their delight,
they’ll be able to sleep safe at night.