Grade 5

Grande Prairie

Give em’ a home

Kids worries today are something like, wishing I get highest on the test, or with sports I hope I’m the best.
But even though we all get those thoughts there’s something I’ve been taught.
Thousands of kids in Canada alone have no actual place to call home and that’s why I’m writing this poem because we need to give em’ a home.
Sure a house has walls, a roof and a door but today we’re making homes and we’re making homes galore.
We might think our problems are the worst, absolutely horrible but we have to realise these kids have no place to go.
Now I want you to know some kid in our grade will get alot of money and a have a big decision made.
But as long as these kids get the money that’s all I care about they need a place to be safe and not afraid to ask for help.
You can go from good to bad so quickly but you can also go from bad to good it’s really not that tricky.
Make a song, paragraph or poem just like this.
It donates to the company for these kids then they can go and fish, for a home and finally not be alone.
So do we know what home is yet, a safe place with hopefully family that’s one thing we can’t help with don’t ya see.
Well all we can do is find them a safe place to be and who helps with that?
Home for humanity!
Can you imagine the horror no safe place to go, no safe place to be?
That’s why I want you to see we need to give em’ a home.