Grade 6

British Columbia

Give a house to a family and you get a home

When in my dreams I’m gliding among the stars and someone asks me where my home is I would say that Earth is my home.
Meanwhile, travelling the world, if someone asks me where my home is, I would say that Canada is my home.
When travelling within my country I feel that British Columbia is my home.
And In the midst of a hike in the wilderness of Vancouver Island I feel Nanaimo is my home.
Driving around Nanaimo I feel cozier near my neighborhood and while I walk my street I know exactly where my house is.
But, when I’m at my house alone by myself it feels empty and lonely.
Yet, when laughter and joy of my family being together fills this void – only then the house comes alive and feels like home.
My family is the soul of my Home.
God gives our souls a body to give us life.
Thus building a house for a family is giving life to a home.