Grade 5

Parry Sound

Get a Door for the Poor

After a long day of school

We have a home of our own.

Some people do not have a home.

Not even a single gnome.

In our home we are safe.

We have a wonderful place.

We have a bed, a kitchen, everything we need.

So, we might as well do a good deed.

As I write this poem, we help the poor.

And help them to get a door.

Sisters and brothers can be rude.

But try to stay in a good mood.

Home can be cool.

Like having an outdoor pool.

In your house you can have a pet.

But it might be hard to get.

We are safe from robbers breaking into our house,

But its ok for a mouse.

We have a phone to call for help.

Talking on the phone with a big yelp!

Now we have helped the poor get a lot.

Even a pot.

Now it’s time.

To do more…