Grade 6


From House to Home

Habitat for humanity
From House to Home

We are all people here but we’re just like any dog, bird, or deer. We all want, need, and pray every day, but one thing stands out in us all: we need a house, a place, somewhere to be to raise our family.
A home is a house full of love. Some things that create that love are your siblings, friends, partners, roommates, family, inlaws, and pets. Who or whatever makes you happy,thankful, grateful, and full of love is what makes your house a home. For example, my mom, dad, and little brother are the ones that make our house a home.
Sometimes you don’t have a house to make a home, and that is where habitat for humanity comes in. They can get you a house. That house can be where you raise your family. It can hold your love and that love can convert your house to a home.