Grade 5

British Columbia

Free in my Home

For me my home is not my house. It is my province, my country where I belong. Where I can live and be free. Belive in the culture I want, and be me. Live where I like, and do what I love. You could ask somebody “where is your home?” and they would give you their adress. If you came up to me and asked me where my home was, I would say ”My home is where I can be free, where I can live and be safe from war and danger”. Danger is one of my greatest fears. Losing my home, my family and my friends, and even my worst enemy. I may not like this person – in fact I may hate them. But I still need to remember that there are people that love them and deep down inside my heart I know that they are loved and can show love, so I can too.

As a country and a home, we all need to play our part, and be kind and loving to one another. Now you should know I’m not an adult, so I don’t know how stressing and scary it is in the “real” world, but I know this one act of kindness spreads like lightning. In the country we live in we are free and some people don’t realize how great it is to live here and be free, because they’re on their phones all the time. When I leave my homeland I start to miss it, and my family too. Maybe I’m only gone for a day or perhaps I’m gone for a week. But no matter what, I will always love my home, and as long as I live I’ll try my best to protect it.