Grade 5


Four Seasons of the Red Brick House

In the fall I moved into my house when I was three
My favorite part was the tire swing on the tree
We play road hockey on the street all day and night
On Halloween night we all get a fright

I like to sit on the couch and watch hockey on tv
My dad puts wood on the fire for me.
My sister and I like to build snowmen, forts and skate on our ice rink.
Our mom makes us hot chocolate to drink.

My family likes to ride our bikes and go on hikes all day long
The birds are chirping they sound like a song
The Easter bunny comes and leaves us some treats
My family comes over on Easter and everyone eats

Summer is the best because we do not have school.
I like to cool off in our pool.
We jump on the trampoline and shoot some hoops
My mom come out with ice cream scoops

When I walk home, I love to see 642 on my red brick house.