Grade 4



The thing that makes me feel like home is my mom’s old closet. I took the clothes out and from time to time I put my blankets in it, and some toys. It had a lot of bins but I took them out, and put my World Wrestling Entertainment action figures in it. I made cardboard cutouts to make a stage ring barricade, ramp, fan seating and a backstage. I have a little over 35 figures. If you walk out of the FORTRESS you will find a Wii U. It’s like the Wii but better. I’ll list them okay. You need a TV for it to work. You don’t need motion controls. The Wii U has one of the biggest controllers in NINTENDO history (plus the Wii U has a screen on it’s controller). Now if you walk further you will find my dad’s room with a fat lazy cat named Babs Ried. She recently went to the vet. She has this smelly stuff on her back from the vet. Going back into my figure room there are shelves that have a lot of trash, junk, and card-board. I used to sleep in it but I moved my setup and now there is no room to sleep in it. Also the FORTRESS is super duper small.