Grade 6


Forever Home

You would think that a dictionary will always be right,
after all its capable to tell you the meaning of a song or a kite.
If that’s the case you might be wrong,
when I look at a dictionary and seek for the meaning of home, I peek and I’m sure that the writing is wrong,
it says that home is ‘’one’s fixed residence’’. But a home is not always the walls
that will keep your private calls
nor the shelf that holds your favorite dolls.
A home is sewn into your heart
don’t think you have a home? Just check for these sparks;
home is the place where you feel safe as can be,
the place that will cure you when you’re deep in the blues or maybe
it’s the place so comfy you’d just stay for a snooze.
Your home doesn’t have to be where you live it can be a school,
a shed or even a tent.
The point is, in your home you can take away all the extra space and all the fancy decorations and it will still be your home,
it will always be your home.