Grade 6


For The Unlucky One

I’m so lucky!
I have a home.
Safe, warm and protected
While others outside are all alone.

No roof over their head,
Even when it rains.
Only a cardboard box,
If it still remains.

Sometimes it’s hot outside,
It feels like a million degrees.
And they are still outside,
praying for a breeze.

Sitting on the cold cement.
Feeling nothing but neglected.
Wondering if their voice is heard.
Will they ever be protected?
Wishing to be helped by someone,
And not to be alone.
Praying to have a house,
To make memories of their own.

But the cost is too high.
They have no money for food.
Homeless and jobless,
What will they do?

If we all turn to God,
And believe in the word.
Give back to our community
To make changes that are heard.

We all can make the difference!
We all can make the change!
We all can feel the love!
A home that we can arrange.

A home filled with peace
A home filled with love
A gift from Almighty God
Just like heaven up above.