Grade 4


For Me Home Is Here

For me, home is not a building, but everywhere, home is somewhere where there are people I care about and somewhere to be loved and safe. For me, home moves. This is an amazing world, and sometimes I take things for granted, it’s hard to realize how many people don’t have these things. When I lived in Africa, I lived in a beautiful white house, two stories and a super safe steel door to get to the bedrooms; I know, super cool, right? After that, you’re probably thinking, wow! Africa is a super rich country! Well, you are one hundred percent wrong. 36 in 10,000, 200,000, are homeless. 150,000,000 world wide. For me, home is with Tristan and Lucy at recess, Will and Angus in Minecraft and with my family. For me, home is everywhere and anywhere.