Grade 5


Finding the Joy of Home

When my family and I and I lost our house, we had no where to go other than a motel and later when we ran out of money, we went to my mom’s friend’s apartment. We had to share one room with 2 beds and a mini fridge- my brother and I had to share a bed. My sister and mom shared the other bed and my dad slept on the floor. We barely had any room to play. I couldn’t play outside the motel because it had a parking lot. We could only go to the park to play and couldn’t have our friends over for playdates like we used to. Now we had a home, I have backyard to play and my friends and I can play here.
When you don’t have a home, it’s hard to have hot food other than take out like pizza pizza and McDonalds, which is fun at first, but you get sick and tired of it quickly. Having not enough space for cold food is a challenge. I missed having having cold treats, like popsicles in the heat wave. Now when I live in a townhouse, I can go into my kitchen, and make something in my microwave or take some ice cream out of my freezer.
When we left our old apartment, we had our most of our toys put into storage. I didn’t see them for 2 months. My brother, sister and I had a bag of toys each. We lost out playing with friends when we lost our home. I was bored and I was sad. When the pool was closed at the park, there were no kids to play with. Having a home is important to a kid just as it is to anybody
Home is a place where you can have your favourite people and favourite things around. I can can sleep on my own bed and on my own; I can stay in my pjs all day, I can run to the door and not have so many security doors to get in and I can watch tv.
Home is more than shelter. It a place that you can feel safe and happy.